Canberra Fencing League Championship

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What it is

The Canberra Fencing League Championship is an optional part of the 2019 Canberra Fencing League. Unlike the normal system where teams are entered only for one weapon, Championship teams will enter for all three weapons and compete via ranking points for a championship at the end of the year.

To encourage teams to enter, the cost of entering as a Championship team will be $140, the cost of only entering two and a third individual weapons. No other fees will have to be paid.

How it would work

Championship teams would compete in the league among with non-championship teams. At the end of each weapon Championship Points will be awarded to teams based upon their ranking in the league. Once all three weapons have been fenced the team with the most points shall be declared the Canberra Fencing League Champion and may win a prize.

Information regarding the Championship will be regularly updated on this page.

To ensure a worthy competition, the Championship will only go ahead if three teams express an interest.

Rules and ranking system

  1. All other Canberra Fencing League Rules apply to Championship Teams.

  2. Teams may enter four people per team and may alter the team’s membership by one person, per weapon.

  3. Fencers may be in different categories for different weapons. E.g. two fencers swap categories when going from epee to sabre.

  4. Fencers in championship teams may not be entered in any other teams.

  5. Championship points shall be decided by the teams ranking in each weapon. This ranking will include non-championship teams (e.g. coming second to a non-championship team will only give you points for coming second). Once all three weapons have been fenced the team with the most championship points shall be declared the winner. If teams are tied on points the team who won the most bouts between the them shall get the higher placing. A table outlining the points system is below.

 Placing in Weapon  Championship Points
 1st  8
 2nd  6
 3rd  5
 4th  4
 5th  3
 6th  2
 7th  1
 8th and below  0


Expressions of interest

To ensure worthwhile competition, the Championship will only go ahead if there are three or more teams entered. If you would like to express interest please fill out the table below.

I agree that by signing up to the Canberra Fencing League Championship, I am entering a team for all three weapons to be fenced throughout 2019. *