Canberra Fencing League - Sabre

Congratulations to This Team is not Left-Handed in taking out the Sabre Title of the 2018 Canberra Fencing League.


1. This Team is not Left-Handed (+72)
2. Sabre the Moment (+67)
3. Sabretage (+7)
4. Sabre Rattlers (+6)
5. Team McKay (+5)
6. Engardians of the Galaxy (-157)


Due to the success of the pilot season of the Canberra Fencing League, ANU Fencing Club shall run leagues for the other weapons. Over four weeks a sabre competition shall be held with a similar, although tweaked format from the pilot league.

Teams of four will be formed from clubs in the ACT region and will be of mixed ability. This time there will be two fencers each from the two categories, competitive and club. The general guide shall be that those with an Open ACT Sabre ranking are competitive and those without are club, although there will be leeway.

Each competitive fencer shall fence both of the other team’s competitive fencers and each club fencer shall fence both of the other team’s club fencers. All bouts will be to five and the resulting match is to 40. The match shall follow the normal cumulative relay format. Bouts shall alternate between the two categories.

The competition shall be in a poule unique format unless there is a large number of teams then smaller poules and an elimination round shall occur.

Key Points

  • Entry: See form below.
  • Dates: 29 July, 5 August, 26 August, 2 September
  • Time: Matches will be held during Sunday training at ANU. Teams must be present at 11:15 AM.
  • Venue: New Sport Hall at ANU Sport. 19 North Road, Acton, ACT.
  • Coordination: This webpage will be regularly updated with results and upcoming bouts. Please check it often for the most up to date information once the competition starts.
  • Cost: Team entry will be $60 per team for the season.
  • Commitment: Teams will be expected to commit to the league once signed up. If fencers are unable to make it then the team is responsible for finding a substitute.
  • Safety: ANU rules apply at the 'club' level. Details can be found here. Fencers not from ANUFC must be at least registered with their home state for insurance purposes.
  • Contact: Any questions about the CFL can be directed to Kelvin Peh at
  • Club affiliation: Not all fencers on a team must be members of the same club, but the team should select the club which the majority of their fencers is  affiliated with to represent in the competition.

Competition Format

  • Teams of four with two competitive and two club fencers. Each of the two categories fence each other in a relay format with the total target score being 40 hits.
  • Bout sheets will be printed and provided as to ensure smooth running of the competition.
  • Competition shall be a poule unique.

Category Definitions

  • Competitive: Has an open ACT Sabre ranking as of July 29 2018.
  • Club: Doesn't.

Please note that these are a general guide.

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      Congratulations to the Maison Honey Badgers who won the pilot league!

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