Canberra Fencing League - Foil

Congratulations to the Tin Foilists for winning the Foil League and final weapon of the 2018 season!

  1. Tin Foilists


  3. Foiled Again

  4. Masters of the Universe

  5. TBA

  6. Not Entirely Pointless

Poule Results
First Round, Second Round Includes both rounds
Team Foiled Again Masters of
the Universe
Not Entirely
Tin Foilists
Wins Net Hits
Foiled Again 16, V V, V V, V 23, 23 V, 22 6 -19 3
Masters of the Universe V, 28 27, 27 V, V 21, 7 28, 15 3 -24 4
TBA 27, 29 V, V V, 29 21, 14 23, 28 3
-28 5
Not Entirely Pointless 29, 26 15, 26 25, V 29, 21 19, 28 1 -47 6
Tin Foilists V, V V, V V, V V, 26V 23, 28V 9
26, 28V V, V V, V V, V V, 22 8
42 2

To conclude the successful 2018 season of the Canberra Fencing League, the ANU Fencing Club shall hold a final four-week team competition in foil.

The foil league will revert back to a similar format used in the epee league where teams of three shall be formed with fencers from beginner, club and competitive categories. In a match each fencer would fence their opponent in their category in two bouts to five totalling to 30 hit matches.

All teams will be placed into a large poule and over the four weeks will all fence each other. Depending on the number of entries this shall be either a poule unique, have an elimination round, or be fenced through twice.

Team placings in poules will be determined by using the standard FIE method (i.e. wins then indicator then number of hits).

Important Notes

  • Entry: Below this page.

  • Dates: 07 October, 14 October, 21 October and 04 November

  • Location: ANU Sport and Recreation Centre from 11am to 1pm each Sunday.

  • Coordination: Regular updates to the webpage, Results and other information can also be found there.

  • Fees: Team entry will be $60.

  • Cutoff: Teams may enter on the webpage. The cut-off date is October 4, afterwards a late entry fee of $20 will be imposed. This is to ensure the competition can be organised in advance of the first day.

  • Substitutes: If a team has an absent fencer they may find a substitute. If no substitute can be found the team will forfeit all available points for that fencer’s bouts.

    • If the fencer was to be on for the first bout their team would lose five hits.

    • If the fencer was to be on in a later bout it would be assumed that the fencer lost every hit.

    • Competitive fencers may only substitute in for club fencers if the opposing team agrees to it.

  • Contact: Any questions about the CFL can be directed to Kelvin Peh at

  • Club affiliation: Not all fencers on a team must be members of the same club, but the team should select the club which the majority of their fencers is affiliated with to represent in the competition.

Category Definitions

  • Competitive: Fencing at an AFC level or above in any weapon.

  • Club: Regular fencer.

  • Novice: Started fencing less than two years ago.

Please note that these are a general guide.

Rules and Referees

  • Fencers will have to arrive with the expectation that they shall have to self-referee and respect the referee’s decisions.

  • A fencer may appeal to have a second referee, although with the expectation it will slow things down.

  • If both opposing fencers are in agreement over a hit they can overrule the referee.

  • ANU equipment rules apply at the 'club' level. Details can be found here. Fencers not from ANUFC must be at least registered with their home state for insurance purposes.

  • Standard FIE rules apply to the running of the competition except where stated otherwise in this document.

Sabre Results

1. This Team is not Left-Handed
2. Sabre the Moment
3. Sabretage
4. Sabre Rattlers
5. Team McKay
6. Engardians of the Galaxy

Epee Results

Congratulations to the Maison Honey Badgers who won the pilot league!

  1. Maison Honey Badgers

  2. ePeh Team

  3. Epee-ic

  4. Team 4

  5. Dale Drummond's Dangerous Duelists

  6. Maison Mantis Shrimps

  7. Fence Sitters

  8. League of Extraordinary Fencers

  9. Presidential Potential