2018 Club Committee

Administration is the club's "Fourth Weapon". The club would not be able to operate without the support of its volunteers. If you have any questions about the club, you can ask these people when you see them at training.

Note: Committee members without pictures have been substituted with images of Powerful Owls. These committee members are definitely people — Owls are not permitted to hold office in the club. For now.


Michael Cook—President

Michael joined the ANU Fencing Club in 2008 after participating in a 'come-and-try' night. He briefly fenced and coached at the CSU-Bathurst Fencing Club in 2011, before rejoining ANUFC. 

Michael is a sabreur and foilist, qualified sabre coach, and accredited club level referee in all three weapons.

Michael also enjoys squash, golf and olympic weightlifting where he is an accredited state level technical official. A public servant by profession, Michael loves upsetting the hierarchy and flat structures.


Alister Oulton—Vice-President

Alister has been fencing for 8 years now, but you couldn't tell.  His fencing technique resembles John Cleese in Fawlty Towers, and his secondary weapon is a board with a nail in it. [Disclaimer: we do not permit secondary weapons].

Alister's (actual) weapon is sabre, but he will happily explain and help out with foil and épée too. 


William O'Neil—Treasurer

William is an alive human being who enjoys fencing alongside his many other hobbies, including pulling weeds out of his garden, playing board games, and sleeping in. Primarily a foilist, he returned to fencing in 2015 after a long absence.

A software developer by trade, William is originally from New Zealand—but don't hold that against him.


Ash Mills—Secretary

The bad boy of the ANUFC, they had to amend the constitution to rein him in.
Ash came to Canberra to study and despite graduating he is still here for vague reasons he seems unable to elaborate on. He has been fencing for several years, surprisingly, and may also have interests in other things.

Ash has helped to teach beginners in the past and is more than happy to help those getting started in Fencing. Ash enjoys all three weapons, but will usually be found staring wistfully at his foils while doing admin.


Kelvin Peh—Excellence in Sport Officer

Kelvin picked up fencing in 2010 because he was bad at all the other sports and an epée in 2012 because he was bad at the other weapons. In 2018 he picked up the fourth weapon, but not because he was bad at epée this time.

A current ANU student, Kelvin also enjoys complaining about chemistry lab work.

kate curtis bio image.jpg

Kate Curtis

Kate has fenced epée for five years and joined the ANU Fencing Club in 2017 when she moved to Canberra to study. When she isn't fencing, you can find her contemplating maths problems or longing after the beaches of her sunny hometown Perth.


James Downie

Once again we meet at last. I am the man with no name: James Downie at your service. Many will know me as the old minister without portfolio, but I have decided to join the committee because I believe a good leader needs abilities like boldness, daring and a smooth velour uniform and I’m not convinced that Mike has any of those things. But seriously if you ever want quality banter or less quality fencing advice I’m always happy to give my time to you and to this grand old club.


Dale Drummond

Dale is from WA and moved to Canberra four years ago for uni. He has a degree in Physics from the ANU.

Outside of fencing Dale likes playing other sports including field hockey, squash, and Hearthstone.



The 2017 Club Committee was Michael Cook, Joanna Cui, James Downie, Dale Drummond, Adrian Hindes,  Ashley Mills, D'Arcy Mullamphy,  William O'Neil, Alister Oulton, David Peilschmidt, and Ellen Phiddian. They are all very nice human beings with many things to recommend them and we thank them for their support. 


The 2016 Club Committee was Chu Bing, Michael Cook, Dale Drummond, KL Ho, Harris Law,  Ashley Mills, William O'Neil, Alister Oulton, Isabella Robinson, Evelyn Shi, and Yilu Zhang. They are all terrific people and we are grateful to them for volunteering.