Fencing is a relatively low risk sport; however, like all sports, injuries may occur. The fencing uniform is intended to protect the wearer against injuries from forces generated by a hit from a competitor's weapon, particularly in the unlikely event that the competitors blade breaks. It does not provide protection against ordinary impact injury caused by being hit—such as bruising—except for the use of hard chest plates.

For the uniform to be effective it must be worn during all bouts and coaching sessions.

The minimum acceptable rating for protective gear at ANUFC is 350N. The table below provides an indication of equipment standards required for each level.

Level Specified by Under Plastron Weapon Mask and bib Jacket Breeches Glove
International FIE 800N FIE S2000 1600N 800N 800N 800N
National AFF 800N FIE S2000 1600N 800N 800N 800N
Good Condition 350N
Unigames Host State 350N Good Condition 350N 350N 350N 350N
Regional NSWFA 800N Good Condition 350N 350N 350N* 350N
Club Committee 350N Good Condition 350N 350N 350N* 350N
and Group Instruction
Committee or instructor 350N Good Condition 350N 350N 350N* 350N

* Tracksuit pants may be worn.

Fencers may wear shorts during warm-up and footwork sessions; however, foilists and epeeists must wear long pants during bladework and bouting sessions, and individual coaching lessons. Sabreurs are able to wear shorts and accept the risk that they may be hit below the waist from time-to-time.

The club provides equipment rated at 350N. For reasons of hygiene, the club does not provide breeches and socks. Fencers are encouraged to purchase their own equipment after their first year of fencing. This allows the club to provide sufficient equipment to beginners' course participants and new fencers. If you have any questions about purchasing your own equipment, please see a member of the committee.

Groin and chest protectors

A groin protector and flat chest protector is recommended, but not compulsory, for male epeeists. A chest protector is compulsory for female fencers during training and competitions, for all weapons.

Defective equipment

If something doesn't seem to be working correctly, it should be retired and the Armourer informed so that it can be repaired if possible.