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8:00 am08:00

ACT Under 20s Championships

This event is for the Under 20s ACTFA competition taking place on the 21st of July.

The event will be run for all three weapons: ACTFA members are eligible to receive reimbursement for one weapon in one State Championship competition in 2019 from ACTFA.

Early Bird (up to and including 14th of July 2019) - $25 for first event & $15 for second/third.

Standard (15th to 19th of July 2019) – $35 for first event & $25 for second/third.

No registrations will be accepted after the 19th.

Epee: 8:30am
Foil: 10:30am
Sabre: 12:30pm

Events will be mixed if there aren’t enough people in one gender (separate rankings), otherwise separate events for male and female in each weapon.

Breeches will be required for epee and preferred for all weapons.

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to 2 Oct.

Country Cup

  • Oxley School Gymnasium (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Hosted by the Southern Highlands Fencing Academy

Location: Oxley College Gymnasium, Burradoo NSW 2577

Saturday October 1

  • 11.15 AM — Novice Foil
  • 11.20 AM — Open Mens Foil
  • 12.45 PM — Open Womens Foil
  • 2.30 PM — Novice Sabre
  • 2.40 PM — Open Sabre

Sunday October 2

  • 9.30 AM — Open Mens Epee
  • 11.30 AM — Novice Epee
  • 11.40 AM — Open Womens Epee

Entries close 15 minutes before start time. 20 dollars entry for one event, 30 for two or more events.

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The ANU Annual
to 14 Aug.

The ANU Annual

It's the premier ACT Fencing event held in mid-August! ANU's annual competition weekend is fast approaching yet again. We're holding events for all three weapons in both open and novice categories.

Competition Details

Pre-registration is available here on our website. Events are dependent on numbers, especially the women's events. If an event is undersubscribed we may combine events into a mixed competition, or, in the worst case, have to cancel them. We will notify fencers ahead of time if this is the case.

Direct Elimination rounds will be limited to the top 8 fencers from Pools for all events with fewer than 16 entries. Events with over 16 entries will be limited to the top 16.

Gear requirements are per club standard: 350N. Tracksuit pants may be worn.

Volunteers wanted!

We'd really appreciate any time or effort you can donate to help us make this the best event it can possibly be. If you're able to help us set up beforehand, pack up after, or bring snacks and baked goods for for our Unigames Team Fundraising Bake Sale, please drop us a line at


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Novice / Veteran Sabre
11:00 am11:00

Novice / Veteran Sabre

Sabre is a great weapon for people who don't like to be bound by the difficult requirement to only hit their opponent with the tip of their blade.

These competitions are for novices and veterans. Novices are fencers who have only been fencing in Australia for fewer than four years and haven't ever been awarded "best novice fencer". Veterans only have to be 40 or older. They can have received as many awards as they like.

Depending on numbers we may run mixed mens/womens competitions. There will be prizes for the champions but they will remain a secret until the day of the competition (probably even from the organisers)

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Novice & Veteran Epee Competition
11:00 am11:00

Novice & Veteran Epee Competition

These is the first club-level novice epee and veteran epee competitions for the year. Just to clarify because I know someone will ask, these are two seperate competitions, not a combined one. We're not going to make it that easy for the novices. 

In case you're wondering if you count as a novice, the club's definition of a novice is:

Any fencer that first appeared on a Ranking list for any weapon, from anywhere in Australia, less than 4 years ago, and that has not been awarded Champion Novice fencer in any state in Australia.

We encourage fencers to submit an entry form on the website before Sunday. This will assist organisers in determining the resources required for the comp.

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