Recent competition news

Congratulations to all our club members for their recent (-ish) fencing achievements at a state level and even further afield.


  • Jeremy Sadler won a Bronze in the NSWFA Novak Open Men's Sabre Competition
  • Chris Sadler won a Silver in the NSWFA Tony Dominguez Mixed Veteran Epee Competition
  • Cath Syme won a Bronze in the NSWFA Southern Highlands GP Open Womens Epee (it says "Southern Highlands" on her club affiliation but we know where her loyalties lie)


  • Nigel Nutt won Gold at DH McKenzie (AFC1) in the Veteran Men's Foil!
  • Jeremy Shelley won Silver at DH McKenzie (AFC1) in the Open Men's Epee!


Representing Australia, D'arcy Jessop and Alice Warrington both received medals for their performance at the 2016 SEA Pacific Championships. D'Arcy won a Silver medal as part of the Australian Cadet Mens Foil B Team, and Alice won Bronze with both the Australian Cadet and Junior Womens Sabre teams.