Pilot Canberra Fencing League Concludes

The first Canberra Fencing League season concluded last week with the victory of the Maison Honey Badgers.

Of the nine teams entered, no team won or lost all of its matches resulting in a very close battle for places by all teams.

Many fencers from ANU and other Canberra based clubs enjoyed the friendly competition atmosphere. The beginners also particularly enjoyed the easy method of integration into the club following the semester one beginner course

Fencers looking forward for another season and those who missed out on the last one don't have long to wait, foil and sabre seasons will follow later in 2018.

If you have any feedback on the last season, please let Kelvin Peh know.

Full Results

  1. Maison Honey Badgers
  2. ePeh Team
  3. Epee-ic
  4. Team 4
  5. Dale Drummond's Dangerous Duelists
  6. Maison Mantis Shrimps
  7. Fence Sitters
  8. League of Extraordinary Fencers
  9. Presidential Potential