ANU Fencing Club a Force at AFC2

ANU Fencers made waves at AFC2 last weekend in Adelaide with some of the club's best results in recent times.

Of particular note was in Men's Epee, where three ANU fencers made the top eight; Nigel Nutt 8th, Dale Drummond 6th and Jeremy Shelley 2nd.

Jeremy Shelley V Jacob Ohrt in the round of 32. Photo: Grant McKay

Jeremy Shelley V Jacob Ohrt in the round of 32. Photo: Grant McKay

In Women's Epee, Kate Curtis came close to a top eight result coming 9th and Cathy Syme came 17th. Cathy also went on to come 3rd in Veteran Women's Epee.

D'Arcy Jessop came 14th in Men's Foil and Nigel Nutt came 2nd in Veteran Men's Foil.

Cameron Smith came 17th in Men's Sabre and 3rd in Veteran Men's Sabre.

Full results can be found here.

The next major competition is AFC3 in Perth in August.

Pilot Canberra Fencing League Concludes

The first Canberra Fencing League season concluded last week with the victory of the Maison Honey Badgers.

Of the nine teams entered, no team won or lost all of its matches resulting in a very close battle for places by all teams.

Many fencers from ANU and other Canberra based clubs enjoyed the friendly competition atmosphere. The beginners also particularly enjoyed the easy method of integration into the club following the semester one beginner course

Fencers looking forward for another season and those who missed out on the last one don't have long to wait, foil and sabre seasons will follow later in 2018.

If you have any feedback on the last season, please let Kelvin Peh know.

Full Results

  1. Maison Honey Badgers
  2. ePeh Team
  3. Epee-ic
  4. Team 4
  5. Dale Drummond's Dangerous Duelists
  6. Maison Mantis Shrimps
  7. Fence Sitters
  8. League of Extraordinary Fencers
  9. Presidential Potential

Notice of 2018 AGM

The Club's Annual General Meeting will be held at ANU Sport at 6.30pm on Tuesday 20 February 2018.

An agenda will be published by Thursday 15th February.

If you have any items you would like to add to this agenda, or if you're interested in joining the committee, please send us an email.

ANU at the 2017 State Open and Novice Championships

The ANU Fencing Club had a great time over the Canberra Day weekend down at the Tuggeranong Multi-sport Centre for ACTFA's State Open and Novice Championships. ANU Fencers competed in all weapons. There were also a number of ANU fencers who helped to referee, and to help run the canteen.


Notable results from ANU Fencers

Open Men's Foil

  • D'arcy Jessop — Bronze
  • Matt Bondfield — Top 8

Open Womens Epee

  • Kate Curtis — Silver

Open Mens Epee

  • Jeremy Shelley — Gold
  • Kelven Peh — Bronze
  • Michael Spencer — Top 8
  • David Peilshmidt — Top 8
  • Dale Drummond — Top 8

Novice Mixed Epee

  • Phutaneth Lohsakul — Gold

Open Womens Sabre

  • Alice Warrington — Bronze
  • Amanda Ford — Bronze

Open Mens Sabre

  • Grant McKay — Silver
  • Jeremy Sadler — Bronze
  • Adam Bartley — Top 8

Thanks to Chris Sadler for taking photos, to Carl Makin for running the DT and to the ACTFA committee for organising the competition weekend.

The beginners course is underway

Our future Uni Games athletes are just getting started.

Our future Uni Games athletes are just getting started.

We had a great response to the beginners course for Semester 1, with a full Tuesday and a pretty busy overflow group on Sunday as well. They seem like they're getting the hang of it already, and the club is happy to have them.

If you're new to fencing and you missed out but you're still interested in joining the club, join our Facebook group or send us an email and get in touch.

There's still time for signups to the beginners' course!

We've had a great response to the beginners' course for block one—in fact, we've had so many people apply that we're now oversubscribed.

Not to worry, though. We're going to run an extra five-week course on Sundays, starting on the 28th February. The course starts at 11.30 each week—plenty of time to drag yourself out of bed and get down to ANU Sport.

You can sign up on the beginners course page, and if you've got any questions drop us a line on the Facebook group or via email at anufencingclub @ gmail dot com.

Storm Damage update: Further delays

Over the weekend there was another big storm that caused some more damage to the hall that's currently under refurbishment.

This has pushed out the day that the hall is suitable for use to 8 February. This shouldn't affect the scheduled training on Tuesday 9 Feb—hopefully it stays dry in the meantime.

The ANU Sports Hall has been damaged by flooding :(

[Updated 28 Jan]

Do you remember that great weather we had late last week? All the storms, etc.? Well, it rained so hard that the roof at ANU Sport leaked while they were resurfacing the hall. So now they have to do it again.

The original resurfacing work was due to be completed today, but this date has been pushed back because of the damage. We won't be back in until February 4 (Thursday).

This won't affect the panel discussion that's happening instead of Witness The Fitness on 28 January.